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We at Sellers Funeral Home sincerely appreciate the trust that is given us everyday to serve the families in our community during their most difficult time. We thank you for taking the time to read what families have said about us and invite you to leave a comment anytime regarding the services we've offered.

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I want to take this time to thank the staff of Sellers for the services provided to my family (McIntosh) during our time of grief. Ms. Brittany I really want to thank you for the loving way you dealt with my aunt Mildred and cousin Corey. I could feel your compassion, you treated my aunt as if she was the only person that mattered. You promised to be there for her, and you kept your word. Mr. Sellers you did a wonderful job on my uncle. Your loving treatment of my family did not go unnoticed. It's obvious you have a heart for people and I pray you keep that heart of compassion and that God would be gracious unto you. Again I say thank you for all you have done.

Nancy Smith

October 31, 2016

Making final arrangements for a loved one can be an overwhelming task; that is, without the guidance of those who have the knowledge, skills and ability to help you every step of the way. A website is a wonderful means of advertising a business or promoting a service; but not all claims on these websites ring true, However, that is most certainly not the case for Sellers Funeral Home. On their website they claim, among others, to provide service with grace and compassion; and to create healing experiences for those facing loss. For me, these are no longer claims, but facts. In December 2015, my siblings and I entrusted the remains of our mother, Mary Donaldson, to Sellers Funeral Home and were overwhelmed by their care and compassion. We were extremely satisfied with the service they provided. It was because of that encounter that I was led back to them during the recent loss of my husband, Winscent A. McIntosh. Our eldest son who took lead on the arrangements, Corey Taylor, and I both agree that the results were astounding, to the smallest detail, and of far greater worth that the payment they received. Mr. Sellers perceived even my concern about my husband's facial hair, and it was trimmed to perfection. A small detail, yes, but one he deemed important in my healing process. I understand, as per the Holy Bible, that it is the Spirit that gives life. And once the Spirit departs, all that remains is the body. But conducive to the healing process, Sellers Funeral Home has the ability to take the body and present it as one who, in my family's opinion, has 'dressed for Church, then laid down to take a nap.' For those who may read this testimonial, in addition to the assurance of Sellers Funeral to provide a service with care and compassion, I attest that you can also expect competency and consistency. I want to thank Wayne C. Sellers, LFDIC and Brittany T. Sellers, LFD for helping us every step of the way to celebrate the life of my husband and the father of my children. Thank you so much for going 'above and beyond'. It made a seemingly unbearable experience, more bearable. My prayer is that God will continue to bless the work of your hands and to prosper you in every good way.

Mildred Donaldson Mcintosh

October 31, 2016

I want to Thank Mr. Sellers and Staff for the professional way they handled Mommie's services.

Rawn McFadden

July 16, 2015